In 2019 a new project was born at Hualdo Farm, a 100% organic farming garden - Huerta de Hualdo.

It is located in the valley of the Tagus River, in front of our cheese factory, since in the past this entire area was occupied by orchards and fruit trees. In fact, some specimens of fig and pear trees are still preserved on the side of the track that borders the plot.

We want to rediscover some of the best products of our agricultural tradition: peaches, apricots, figs, plums, as well as tomatoes, asparagus, melons and watermelons, among many other fruits and vegetables that have been grown in the vicinity of the Tagus river. We have selected, and even recovered, varieties that were once discarded by the market for aesthetic reasons or discarded by the farmers due to their low yield, despite the fact that they offered an undeniable gastronomic aptitude.

Huerta de Hualdo project counts with a dedicated area in which different species of fruit trees (apple, pear, cherry, plum, peach...) grow, an area for horticultural crops and another for a chicken coop where hens will be raised in freedom, and in where fig trees have been planted to provide shade for the chickens in the hot summer months. In the coming months, a greenhouse will be built and it will allow to grow horticultural species under controlled conditions.

We also have areas dedicated to aromatic herbs and other herbaceous species with a very striking flowering that serve as a refuge for pollinating insects, improving the existing biodiversity on the farm.

Our goal is to bring to the final customer – restaurants and individuals – a freshly cut product of very good quality. With this, we guarantee the freshness of the product and the maximum flavor.

In addition, some of the by-products generated in other activities of the farm are used in the orchard. For example, the manure generated by the sheep is used to fertilize the orchard. Vegetable remains of horticultural crops may serve as food for chickens. Sheep also graze among the fruit trees and help us control the weeds that grow among the trees. In short, this project allows us to close the circular economy circle of the farm a more and more.

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Finca Hualdo

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